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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to Confess To Your Dream Girl... NOT!

nothing is impossible.
i heard that the girl went to meet him eventually, and rejected him.

YOU don't want that!!

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Monday, April 20, 2009

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Dating and Life of an Normal Singapore Guy

Let us zero into the dating experience of a typical Otaku/ homeboy.

From the time the baby boy is born, there are many stages he is destined to go through before he becomes a full-grown man.

As Boys, they never really care much in their younger days, doing whatever pleases them till they hit their teens.

Then this is the time that his body will start to change, he will start finding once what was used to be barren places of his body will start growing weeds . Next his voice changes, No longer he speaks in a high pitch voice. And he will find the apple seed protruding out.

Suddenly, at this age he starts to notice that some of the fairer sex is really attractive and appealing to Him.
From a biology standpoint, this is nature’s call to tell him that he is ready to mate because he is going through puberty

Unfortunately due to culture / upbringing in Singapore
At this age where his calling and urges from nature is strongest, there are many challenges ahead for him.

Firstly, He has to perform in school and pass all his exams and score good grades.
The interaction with the opposite sex is greatly reduced because most of his time will be buried under books.
This minimize the opportunities for him to find out more on the girls
(In the serious case, If he is from All Boys School; he might even turn gay because of imbalance
interactions and exposure. This maybe due to the needs to release his feelings)

Secondly, during school holidays, Boys have lots of things to make him stay at home from going out . Things like Internet, computer games, comics. Those things play a part to prevent him from going out to socialize with the opposite sex. Slowly the subject of woman becomes a mystery to them. This makes them more undeveloped in the area of social skills.

Of course, there are curious cats who want find out more. At this informative age, simply just by clicking on the net they will find some answers. Ironically, most of the answers they find are normally from pornography sites. I will be blunt here ok? This “visual pleasure” is in fact is slowly destroying their ability to communicate with a woman in the latter years.

Some guys will have this thinking, why make a big fuss about attracting a woman? I get pleasure everything I log on to my Internet. So accessible.
But the truth here is that he is short changing himself in meeting someone who is real instead of a computer.

After He reaches a certain age, He will be drafted into (NS) National Service. There you have it, this time he will be cut off from almost all interactions with gals for two years. When he finally ORD, he is literal as lost as a blind bat regarding about matters regarding woman.

Next he finds a job (let’s say a Engineering, IT or office job)
What are the chances for him to interact with the woman she likes?
If he in Engineering, he looks at machines and computer all day ( basically 5% chances). Maybe the woman she meets is the cleaner. (Hoping that Auntie has a gorgeous daughter or relative to intro him.
If he is working in the office, slightly better, but still enclosed in his own cubicle most of the time

So Let’s say when he really meet the gals of his dreams in His workplace, what will he do?

1) Try his best to engage a conversation with her hopping that he might attract her (even though he has not been socializing and does not have the skills to draw her attention to himself)

2) Watch her from afar, hoping someday, something will happen and she is feeling the way as he is, and maybe things will work out


3) Will he just watch quietly and see another guy who comes along and grab her away, and thus live life broken hearted?

Please kindly understand where we are coming from dear brothers. We are not making fun of them at all.

Maybe your friend has encountered such experiences , maybe yourself. These are real issues.
HBK and myself is not here to boast of our knowledge, we want to share it with you.
We don't want to revel, we want to reveal the secert to you.

The Secrets of Attracting the woman whom you Desire

Yes, You!

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Tragic First date - (1994)

My First ever date was when I was 15. Lifeng was her name and I can still remember her face and I finally managed to ask her out for a Movie! I felt like heaven was so near me, no knowing that Hell is right at the corner.

That day was a Saturday and I was starting to feeling butterflies in my stomach the night before, I couldn't sleep you know? LOL.

I was so happy and yet nervous. When I finally met her Tiong Barhu Mrt, I nearly fainted. Dream came True.

There she is, the dream gal in my teenage years. I was telling myself, Oh shit! What Am I going to do next?

At there it was, the date went downhill after that. We went to movies on a first date. (If you are thinking of watching movie on a first date, I suggest not. Why?
Because the interactions between you and the girl will greatly be minimized.)

I was so nervous and I was tongued-tied and didn't dare to look into her eyes, always shying away from her Eye Contact. We just plainly watch the movie and when it was over, she noted to me she was tired and kept yawning. Shit Shit Shit!
She felt the weird Vibe and that was the one and only date we had.

Have ever you encountered that before?
Screwing up a big date? I did and I know how that Feels.
Maybe you are better off then me. Yup I was the loser during time. LOL
Today when I look back I can just laugh about it

Fast forward 13yrs later. I dated numerous beautiful gals after that, each time they will keep laughing and really enjoyed themselves. Most of all they feel that Love is in the air and Sparks fly. I wished I could show you the sms and the little cards they write. Ladies acting like little gals. They are really Sweet.

It took me years to find out the key. Now we want you to be like us. No, Better than us! We want to share our joy and what we have learnt along the way and minus off the years of pain we have gone through and Jump right into the Pool of Joy!

Cheers -BJ

Friday, March 27, 2009

Are you Edison Chen?

Are you Edison Chen? Rich and good-looking, you can get any girl you want just by asking. Well, almost. It seems our Dawn Yang once rejected him. But you know his record, its all over the news.

Full Article: http://www.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/Asia/Story/A1Story20080226-51452.html

An excerpt from messenger conversations with Eddie:

*** says:
how bout u come to town on the 29th

*** says:
19th i mean

xxx says:
as in hk?

*** says:
yeah we maybe get a nice suite

*** says:
and get freeky all night and day

*** says:
heheh how bout it will u do it wid me babee

It works, if you are Edison Chen, and you hit on the right women.

But since most of us here are not as good looking and rich as EDC, we need some tools and techniques to communicate right with the girl we are interested in and attract them along the way.

Gaming and attraction online was the first thing that BJ shared with me. MSN and Facebook, tools to know more women for the home boy or the shy guy. For a hot enough girl, she probably has hundreds of guys sending her messages and all, how do you be the one who catches her attention? Why would she chat with you if you're not the one who stands out from the crowd?

He gave a live demo and then gave me tips as I was having MSN conversations with several ladies. He was good. It was all good fun, and it works.

Simple guidelines:
1) Have a good display picture (nobody is ugly, you just have to work the angles or do some imaging).
2) Be interesting (think out of the box).
3) Never seem needy (needy guys/girls are a turn-off, yeah once you begin this adventure, you will find the needy girls a turn-off too).
4) Understand why she is now chatting with you and keep it up.

There are many more tools and techniques to work your game online. If you're keen, a live session would be useful. Drop us an email at tight.nutz@gmail.com and we will update you on the upcoming sessions.

Feel free to comment and ask questions, BJ and I will help you as much as possible.

Have fun,

Friday, March 20, 2009

HBK - How I met BJ

Hey y'all,

Just a short intro on how I hopped on to this crazy adventure.

BJ's like my long lost childhood friend and I got his number once when our parents had a short meet-up. First impression after so many years; super well-groomed.

After a few months, I kinda broke up with my girlfriend and wanted to spend more time with friends. So I sms-ed him for his MSN and bam! We talked about everything under the sun and as most guys do, talk about girls. I was kinda lost with girls then, as I just left a super long relationship and have already left my dating skills behind. BJ enlightened me with delight. This guy is really out here to help. I was amazed.

Trust me, we've went out and I've seen crazy things happen. Crazy in a good way, if you know what I mean.

Keep us in your feed, favourites, whatever.

Join our crazy adventure.